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Yadkin County Farm Bureau

Our Vision

The Voice of Yadkin County Agriculture since 1940!

Yadkin County Farm Bureau proudly serves as the voice of Yadkin County farmers and agriculture.  We serve as an advocate for our members at the local, state and national levels – providing educational, economic, public affairs, marketing, and various other services to our members. From meager beginnings, the idea of a couple local farmers, Yadkin County Farm Bureau has grown to have more than 6,000 member families.  Today we remain true to our grassroots heritage and steadfast in our mission to advocate for farm and rural families.

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Our Story

Organized for rural families, by rural families

By The Dates

1911:  First County Farm Bureau organized in Boome 

           County, New York

1915:  First State Farm Bureau organized in Missouri 

1920:  American Farm Bureau officially ratified 

1936:  North Carolina Farm Bureau organized in Greenville,

           NC (Pitt County)

1940:  Yadkin County Farm Bureau organized

1953:  North Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co.

           begins operations

1953:  Yadkin County Farm Bureau officially chartered

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