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Yadkin County Farm Bureau Inc. is a general farm and rural advocacy organization that was organized in 1940.  We are a 501(c)5, private, non-charity, non-profit organization.  In 2015 Yadkin County Farm Bureau reported 5,763 member families.  The Board of Directors manage and are charged with oversight of the organization.  Directors are elected to their post annually by the membership attending the Yadkin County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting, held the 1st Monday in November.  During the Annual Meeting, members also elect the officers of the organization, consisting of: President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer.  It is the job of the officers to execute the will of the Directors.  The President presides over the Board of Directors Meetings and serves as the the Chief Executive Officer of the organization.

Farm Bureau is America's largest general farm and agriculture organization.  Farm Bureau is present in all 50 states and Porto Rico and in all 100 of NC's counties.

As an organization, we are most prominently known for our member benefits, most notably the insurance products offered in all 100 counties through NC Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co.

By The Dates

1911:  First County Farm Bureau organized in Boome County, New York

1915:  First State Farm Bureau organized in Missouri 

1920:  American Farm Bureau officially ratified 

1936:  North Carolina Farm Bureau organized in Greenville, NC (Pitt County)

1940:  Yadkin County Farm Bureau organized

1953:  North Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co. begins operations

1953:  Yadkin County Farm Bureau officially chartered

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Telephone : ​ (336)679-8858

Email :          info@yadkinfb.org

Location:      212 E. Lee Avenue

                     Yadkinville, NC 27055

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