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Recognizing accomplishments serving our members and the agriculture industry

Through the awards programs, Yadkin County Farm Bureau recognizes the efforts of those who exemplify great customer service to our members through the Service Award, and those who have had a positive impact on the overall agriculture industry in Yadkin County over the course of the past year through the Distinguished Service to Agriculture Award.  Pictured below are the most recent winners of the awards, scroll down for a full list of winners.


2019 Distinguished Service to Ag Award

Yadkin County Board of Commissioners


2019 Service Award

Karen Hutchens - Jonesville

Past Award Recipients

Distinguished Service to Agriculture Award

Yadkin County Commissioners (2019), Van Hemric (2018), Brenna Pence (2017), Kevin Matthews (2016), Daphne Jensen (2016), Hassel Brown (2015), Danny Hall (2015), Benny & Kim Myers (2014), Jason Walker (2014), Gilbert Hemric (2013), Karen Alexander (2013), Lenuel Chamberlain (2012), Aaron Church (2012)

Member Service Award

Karen Hutchens (2019), Shelia Boyd (2018), Brenda Shore (2017), Mitchell Hodges (2016), Jean Hutchins (2015), Cynthia Cheek (2014), Bettina Miller (2013), Jim Doll (2012)

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