Legislative Program

Activities that go on in Raleigh and Washington DC have a real impact on Farmers in Yadkin County and on our rural communities.  Farm Bureau advocates for farmers and rural communities on issues that are important to rural people.  Yadkin County Farm Bureau has developed strong relationships with policy makers at the local, state and national level.  The success of Yadkin County Farm Bureau's Legislative Program is built on relationships, trust and respect.  Keep in mind, if you are not willing to tell your story, someone else WILL tell it for you.  We prefer to tell legislators our own stories, and the stories of other hard working farmers and rural people of Yadkin County!

We have traveled to Washington DC and Raleigh to meet with individuals that we elect to represent our interest on policy issues.  Yadkin County Farm Bureau Members have also met with members of  Congress and the NC General Assembly here in Yadkin County.  Meetings have been held on farms, in the field or in a shop, and in meeting rooms, some meetings are one on one and some are with many others gathered.  At every opportunity, Yadkin County Farm Bureau tells of the success, strengths and struggles of Yadkin County Agriculture. 

AGvocate?  Yep, AGvocate, be an advocate for agriculture!  You can tell us about your experiences AGvocating by clicking the "AGvocate!" button above.  

How can I be an AGvocate?  By following the same principals Yadkin County Farm Bureau has used to build our Legislative Program:

  • Relationship - The hardest part, building a relationship, numerous books have been written on relationship building.  We have found that constant contact and constantly telling our story goes along way in getting started.  After that, the other items below seem to fall in place.

  • Trust - You should always be truthful and honest.  Present accurate and verifiable information.  Become a resource for that legislator.  If you are telling your story you cannot go wrong!

  • Respect - Agreeing on everything will never happen, it is acceptable to agree to disagree and can be counted as a "win" if the relationship is not damaged.

Yadkin County Farm Bureau has been recognized twice by NC Farm Bureau as a Legislative Program of Excellence, once in 2015 and again in 2018.

Pictured:  YCFB President Justin Somers accepts the awards from NC Farm Bureau President Larry Wooten.

If your interested in learning more or getting involved, please reach out!

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