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Past Members of the Board of Directors

It is important to note that this is not a complete list and dates are not exact.  Yadkin County Farm Bureau has minute books dating back to the early 1960's, and there is a list of Charter Directors from 1953.  We welcome the input of family members to email us updates and corrections based on family records.  Our history project is a non ending quest, and we want to provide our members and families of those who have served with accurate and most up to date information available to us.

Bill Allen (1989-2005)

Ryan Bledsoe (2011-2012)

Bobby Brawley (1990-1996)

Cressie Brown (1953*-1995)

Fonzy Brown (1953*-1965)

Howard Brown (1971)

Hassel Brown (2006-2013)

Jesse Brown (2017-Current)

Frank Bryant (1953*-2002)

N.P. Bryant (1953*-1965)

Marty Casstevens (2010-Current)

Keith “Chubby” Cave (2010-2020)

Paul Cornelius (1969-1992)

Fleming Crissman (1981-1986)

Roy Doub (1953*-1964)

William L. Doub (1977-1990)

Frank Fleming (1953*-2001)

Peter Fleming (1986-Current)

W. Herbert Fleming (1953*-1993)

Bill Harris (1990-1993)

George Harrison (1965-1976)

Van Hemric (2013-Current)

Benjamin Hobson (2022-Current)

Clinton Hobson (1953*-2005)

Monroe Hodge (1990-2011)

Derrick Hobson (1996-1997)

Autumn Hunter (2022-Current)

Brent Hunter (2002-2021)

Bobby J. “Bud” Matthews (2002-Current)

Junior L. Matthews (1976-2010)

Kevin Matthews (2003-Current)

Paul D. Matthews (1973-1985)

Vernon Matthews (1973)

Arna R. Moxley (1953*-2001)

Bill Moxley (1953*-1971)

Greg Moxley (2022-Current)

Roger Moxley (1972-1973 & 1989-2005)

Richard Myers (1991-1992)

E. Weldon Pardue (1953*-1988)

William M. Parks (1976-1978)

George Phillips (1998-2004)

Adam Pilcher (2017-Current)

Gary Poplin (1989-2002)

Hazel Poplin (1953*-2005)

Vance Ray (1953*-1963*)

Claude Shore (1953*-1965)

Derrick Shore (1998)

Jack Shore (1971-2016)

Louis Shore (2010-Current)

Shelby Shore (1987-Current)

Jeff Smith (1999-Current)

Wayne Smitherman (1987-1989 & 2010-Current)

W. Justin Somers (2007-Current)

Roy A. Steelman (1966-2010)

Mark Taylor (1977-1997)

Leon Thomasson (1953*-1964)

Willie Vestal (1964-1970)

Allen Wagoner (1976-1978)

Joann White (2007-Current)

Kenneth Williams (1996-1997)

Odell Winfry (1970-1971)

N. Jack Wood Jr. (2005-2009)

* indicates earliest verifiable date of service

Bold name indicates Charter Member of Yadkin County Farm Bureau Inc. in 1953

Italic name indicates served on the Board of Directors for NC Farm Bureau Federation

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