Yadkin County Farm Bureau is proud to partner with Cooperative Extension, Yadkin County Tourism & Development Authority, Yadkin County Chamber of Commerce and Yadkin County Government to explore the possibilities of Yadkin County becoming a member of the Visit NC Farms tourism app.  The app is administered by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, but there is a local administrator as well.

Are you the owner or operator of a farm, pick you own farm, farmers market, local food & drink establishment, a local shopping destination, a farm stay or local lodging, offer tours or trails or the coordinator of a special event?  If so, the Visit NC Farms App could be for you!

Before this can get going here in Yadkin County, the community (Yadkin County) must join as a member and there are cost associated.  We also need to have enough farmers, agri-tourism venues and other points of interest that fit the mold of the app to be willing to join up!

Why should you consider listing your farm on the Visit NC Farms App?

  • Showcasing your farm on the app allows you to reach a broader audience of potential customers and repeat patrons.

  • You'll be listed among an expansive and ever-growing collection of agriculture-based offerings. 

  • With both a map and a list view, users will be able to easily find the farm closest to them or filter based on offerings.

  • Your farm listing will feature a brief summary, engaging imagery, and push button shortcuts to call, visit your website, or get directions.

  • User and member feedback ensures that the app stays relevant and up to date.

  • Be apart of a Statewide marketing campaign.

  • The app is not internet dependent, so it does not matter the location of your farm or availability of data, users will still be able to find you.

How is the App marketed to potential users and potential customers of your farm?

  • Each community has access to marketing materials including posters, banner stands, buttons, stickers and window clings. Website badges are created for participating sites. 

  • The app is promoted by the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Marketing Division. Welcome and Visitor Centers across the state, the State farmers markets and other statewide venues will share the app messaging. 

  • Being a part of the app is cooperative advertising. Each farm or community partner also promotes the app to their lists and followers so your audience grows exponentially.

  • North Carolina Farm Bureau is supporting this effort across the state. As the app grows, the marketing efforts will expand as well.

What is expected of you, as a farmer member of the app?

  • There will be an annual membership fee.  Goal of all the partners is to keep this fee as low as possible.

  • You will need to communicate with the local, in county, administrator to ensure your information stays current.

What can I do now?

Glad you asked!  Let us know you are interested, use the link below!  You will also get information sent to you about the progress of Yadkin County joining, and "going live" information so you too can become a member.

NC Cooperative Extension - Yadkin Center


Yadkin County Camber of Commerce


Additional Information Contact

By submitting this form you are not signing up as a member of the Visit NC Farms App, you are expressing interest in potential membership, and are requesting to receive information and progress reports as the Yadkin County Community Membership moves forward.  

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